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Clinch Business Services has over 30 years of direct experience in managing and improving organisations of all sizes, from small start-ups, to family owned and growing businesses, through to larger public companies and Government agencies.

We are well placed to quickly identify areas of potential financial and operating risk which may have potential to limit the operation or growth of your business.

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We are not financial auditors.    So, how can we help ?


Due to our extensive experience across all financial and administrative areas and activities undertaken within businesses of all sizes, we have developed extensive knowledge of this important function and the key role it plays in properly managing and controlling all businesses.  We can review existing procedures and policies and identify where there are opportunities to improve controls and operating performance across many areas of your business.

NSW Government

Since April 2009, it has been a NSW Government policy requirement that all new appointments of independent chairs and members to audit and risk committees of NSW Government agencies and statutory bodies can only be made from a list of suitably qualified individuals. 

The process is referred to as the  NSW Government's Pre-qualification Scheme:  Audit & Risk Committee Independent Chairs and Members.

In 2013, our Director, Malcolm Clinch sought and received appointment to the NSW Government's pre-qualification scheme. 

He is approved under this Scheme to undertake both Independent Chair or Independent Member roles.

Malcolm has since taken up two appointments as an Independent Member on the Audit & Risk Committees of Healthshare NSW and of Fire & Rescue NSW.


Clinch Business Services and Clinch Business Management Services

are trading units of Clinch Pty Limited ABN:  35 121 150 78.