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Clinch Group is a specialist business advisory firm, focussed purely on assisting owners and managers improve and develop their existing businesses. 

We, and our professional associates, have all previously held senior management roles in larger businesses and government agencies, so apart from our formal qualifications, we have a clear understanding of the day to day challenges faced by businesses and their managers.

We now have over 30 years of direct experience in managing and improving organisations of all sizes, from small start-ups, to family owned and growing businesses, through to larger public companies and Government agencies.

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Business case preparation, review of existing areas of concern, review of effectiveness and efficiency of administrative systems and processes.

Performance impovement

Business planning, margin and cost analyses, change management assignments.

Strategic development

Assess options to achieve efficiencies, develop formal operating procedure documentation and related workflow diagrams.

Management development

You will benefit from the extensive practical experience and technical knowledge we have gained directly in senior management roles.



Building, managing and developing businesses of any size in today's challenging market and economic environments places incredible demands on the personal efforts and technical skills of business owners and executives.

 At Clinch Business Services, we have had direct 'hands-on' experience with these particular challenges so we have a solid understanding and the difficulties that can develop when time and resources are limited. 

Drawing on our formal training and direct experience, our hands-on technical capability allows us to utilise your existing financial and operational data to better measure and manage current performance, and to develop plans and targets for potential future directions.

Our experience has shown clearly that good quality procedural documentation, informative management reports (distinctly different to tax return statements), and sensible workflow management systems, will create a more effective business, and most importantly, free you up to spend more time on developing your business.

Working closely with your management and (and this is our strong preference) with your existing business systems, we can objectively identify opportunities, provide specialist knowledge and direct assistance to your team which will help your business develop and meet its full potential.

NSW Government agencies and corporations:  since 2009, we have been an approved service provider under the NSW Government's Performance & Management Pre-qualification Scheme.  The work we undertake under this scheme includes performance reviews, service delivery improvement reviews and plans, organisational capacity assessments, business cases, and general governance and management services.

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